About the “Traveling with Ken” Blog

 Thank you for visiting my travel blog!!!

I hope that you have a passion for travel and exploration as I do.  This site represents the many amazing destinations that I have visited so far.  My vision is to share with you my experiences and stories from all of these incredible places that I get to visit.  Originally I was going to design this site just for a few family and friends to keep up on my travels over to Europe. As I started to design it, it got more involved, so I hope this is a site for anyone who wants to follow my journey through Europe and beyond over the next year.

Before starting this site, I have visited 27 countries and many cities. I will be adding those destinations to the site as time permits.  I am going to start the site out with my recent trip to Rio De Janeiro just to get used to blogging since this is my first time.

As I start my journey through the many sites of Europe and the world (read more under My Journey), you will start to discover these destinations from my perspective.  On all of my journeys so far, I learn so much about each place I visit and my goal is to share what I learn with you.  From the history and rich culture to the best restaurants and hotels (I do like the nice hotels), I will share all aspects of each of my destinations with you.

I tend to like to stay several weeks in the major destinations that I visit so I can truly experience the essence of that destination.  The smaller destinations, I might spend a week or less.  Rushing through a city in a day or two is not my idea of traveling.  I want to experience all the sights and sounds of these destinations, not just the Hop On/Hop Off bus tour (yuk).  In addition to the photos and other information I will be providing, I might just share with you the secret discoveries not necessarily in the tourist guides.  I have a way of traveling off the beat and path sometimes.

Whether you are an experienced traveler who has filled up passport after passport, or never really traveled much but have a passion for it, this site is for you.  I hope my stories will paint a picture of the world that will inform, inspire and entertain you.  Through all my travels I have learned that the world is actually a very small place.  And even though we think of ourselves as very different, we really are extremely similar regardless of cultural and religious differences.

Come with me and experience the world and all the incredible things it has to offer us.


About Me

Since every guide on blog writing said it is a requirement to write something about yourself, I begrudgingly will do so.  My name is Ken and I have had the good fortune of getting to do something that I truly love to do.  Seeing the world (well not all yet, but I am working on it).  Like many of you reading this site, I have a passion for traveling and Kenexploration.  My goal is to see the world, not just by passing by, but by truly experiencing it and learning about the history, the culture, the food and the people.

I am also fortunate to call San Francisco my home as it is one of the most incredible cities not just in the US, but in the world.  Not only is it a beautiful city, it is also a city that embodies a bit of who I am.  While some kids want to be firemen or professional athletes, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur (strange but true).  It was never about the money for me, but more about the freedom to create and grow something from nothing.  And that fire has never burned brighter than it does today.

After graduating from University of Southern California with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, I immediately moved back to San Francisco to start my tech company (and this was before tech companies were all the rage).  Come to find out later, that the San Francisco Bay Area is a breeding ground for tech entrepreneurs.  So, I don’t think it was an accident that an entrepreneur like me had the good fortune to be born and raised in one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the world.

I recently sold my tech company and decided to take the year off to travel Europe and some other parts of the world.  As I said earlier, the entrepreneurial fire is burning brighter than ever for me.  After this expedition, my plan is to return back to San Francisco and start my next company (or two or three).  My dream of creating and growing a company with purpose will be bigger than ever!!!

While on this journey, I will be finishing my second book called, “Living Your Extraordinary Life” (working title).  I also hope to learn at least one language, but really want to learn 4 which are, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French (in that order).  I will probably only scratch the surface on Italian but that is OK!  I plan to take some classes in things that interest me such as, cooking and playing the piano (I have no idea why I want to play the piano but the fact that I can’t bugs me).  Finally, if you see me on a train traveling through Europe, it is very possible that I will be writing the business plan for my next business (unless of course I am still writing that damn book).

Enough about me, Ok one more thing, you might wonder why in all of my photos, you don’t see me.  It’s because I hate photos of myself.  I always have.  So outside of the photo on this page and maybe an occasional post of me in a photo, you won’t see me, but rather the sites.


Enjoy the site!!!